The Doxy Wand or Dick Debate

In the Doxy Wand or Dick debate there’s always one truth. It’s that one of the most fun moments on Gazzman’s Harlots film sets is that time when the toys are unpacked.

So it’s like Christmas. But just a very sexy, very rude Christmas. But with Doxy and Dick.

As well as creating the look of all Gazzman’s movies, Scarlett Revell likes to keep the toy box interesting. So of course, she would never ask any of her lovely harlots to use anything that she had not tried herself … she is absolutely diligent about making sure that, no matter how hard you work these toys, they will not give you a nasty shock. Unless a shock is what turns you on …

MacKenzie Moss loves her Svakom Alice G-Spot Vibrator

Scarlett’s Toybox

I have seen half a dozen of porn’s most popular princesses fighting over Scarlett’s toy box, vying to get the newest, the most powerful, the biggest, and even the bendiest. As a result some of the toys and wands don’t even make it in front of the camera. So I sometimes feel sorry for the guys who have to make do with Madame Palm and her Five Lovely Daughters if they want to keep themselves warm at night.

Here’s just one example from the trusty toy box that you can get your hands on now…

It seems that even when your day job is wearing a gymslip and being taken roughly from behind by a man dressed as a French teacher, girls like to get their buzz on. I mean, let’s face it, these movies are so good because there is so much truth in them … not quite documentaries, of course, but the horniness is all for real…

Doxy Number 3 red metallic wand
The Beautiful, Sleek Doxy Number 3
Red Metallic Wand

It generally does not take long to find Scarlett’s box … it never did, I hear … and cast (and occasionally crew) are not above sneaking away to have some fun while Gazzman and Scarlett are otherwise occupied.

Georgie Lyahh Headmistress dildo in Lola Rae lesbian schoolgirl but no Doxy Wand this time
Headmistress Georgie Lyall teaches schoolgirl Lola Rae all about lesbian sex

You Can Tell A Lot About A Girl…

by the kind of kit she prefers. I know one who was popular around the set because she was always smiling and seemed happy. Never underestimate how much walking around with a vibrating egg in her pussy will cheer a girl up! Perhaps Posh Spice should try one … just a thought.

The latest crop of students (did I say crop ?) have gone crazy for Scarlett’s latest find. It is just as well that The Doxy Wand is so strong because I do not believe that there is a porn-stud alive who could give so many girls so much pleasure without … burning out (#ouch). According to the instructions. It can be used as a general massager … relaxing sore shoulders and stiff backs. Yeah. Right. Whatever.

Lola Rae Porn Harlot wants her Doxy Wand
Lovely Lola Rae waiting for what cumms next

The Doxy Wand

As a result of all this horny toy action I love the name. Sounds positively historical (a doxy being another name for a harlot … don’t say you learn nothing here), which is classy. Hysterical is the actual effect. If your average workaday willie substitute is a Fiat 500 then the Doxy is a Lamborghini Aventador. It is probably the only toy around that actually sounds sexy.

But, good news/bad news, it has made it very difficult for Gazzman to find actors who can compare to the wonderful wand. And these guys are not used to being turned down in favour of an aluminium shaft, even if it does have interchangeable heads (now what man do you know can offer that ?).

And so Gazzman’s male cast … members … are seriously having to up their game. And the girls are not complaining.

So when you watch, remember that the incredible action onscreen is partly powered by the competition between Doxy and Dick.

PS … It would be very unfair to tell you all this and then leave you high and … well, you are probably not dry by now. So yes, in conclusion you can get your own Doxy via the website.

and you could even learn more here

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